When Changing Your Glasses Is a Must

Many people will use their eyeglasses for several years without even considering changing them for various reasons (e.g., still perfectly see with the pair). But this is not recommended by the ophthalmologists and optometrists at Pearle Vision because your old glasses are likely contributing to your worsening eyesight, particularly by causing undue eyestrain.  

Listen to Your Optometrist

You should have your glasses replaced if and when your optometrist recommends it, which usually occurs during your regular eye exam. Since each case is different, you should avoid using the example of your bespectacled family and friends in making your case.  

According to the American Optometric Association, the following schedule for eye exams is recommended:

  • Children over 6 years old and non-senior adults (i.e., under 60 years old) should have regular eye exams at least once every 2 years, in case they have no risk factors for poor vision
  • Senior adults and individuals with risk factors, such as genetic and work-related risks, should have an eye exam at least once a year or more frequently in case their doctors recommend it.

During your regular eye exam, you should bring your glasses for inspection. Your optometrist will recommend changing them, if and when necessary, which you should follow.  

Possible Reasons for Changing

Keep in mind that your optometrist will not recommend changing your glasses for the profits. Instead, you should follow his recommendation because it’s for your own good especially when you already have issues with your eyes.

What are the possible reasons that your optometrist will have in recommending new glasses?

Outdated prescriptions

Your eyesight undergoes subtle changes as time goes on. Your optometrist will be able to see these subtle changes even when you appear to see just fine with your current glasses. Your eyes are being subjected to undue strain, perhaps even fatigue, with your reluctance in changing your current pair. Over time, your eyes’ issues worsen while your symptoms of frequent headaches and neck aches increase in intensity.  

New technology

You will be amazed at the leaps in technology in eyewear being made each year. You should take advantage of the new technology since many of the resulting devices will work to your benefit. For example, your optometrist can recommend eyeglasses that can significantly reduce the glare from your computer screen.

Of course, your optometrist will recommend a new pair when your old pair has signs of subtle or obvious damage. Wear and tear on any part of your glasses can worsen your eyesight, if not cause physical injury (e.g., defective moving parts).

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