What You Need To Know About Driving After Laser Eye Surgery

One of the questions that is often asked regarding laser eye surgical treatment is whether it is completely fine to drive after undergoing the procedure. It is imperative to note that you will not be able to drive instantly after the surgery, so you will have to make sure that you arrange your transport accordingly. Read on to know everything you need to learn about driving after undergoing laser eye surgery.

Preparing for the treatment

Once you have booked a schedule for your laser eye surgery, you will need to arrange a vehicle to drop you off at the eye center or hospital. After the surgical treatment, it isn’t recommended going home alone. If you choose to use public transportation, it’s advisable to bring someone to accompany you.

When you will be able to drive

After undergoing a laser eye surgery, you are not permitted to drive until you have been given the clearance by your ophthalmic surgeon. During the aftercare appointment, your eye surgeon will evaluate your progress, and inform you whether you will be able to operate a car yet, or whether you have to take some more time to recover from the surgery.

Once your eye surgeon has evaluated that your eyes have improved enough, you will be able to drive again. For many, this will take just a few days, but depending on individual recovery rate, it could take maximum of one week.

All Clear to Drive

Some patients may experience glare, particularly from bright lights, weeks after the operation. This may cause you some problems while driving at night, when you bright lights from oncoming headlights. Consider being a passenger at night first, to carefully gauge whether you would be comfortable driving yourself.

Concerns with glare normally improve considerably within a few weeks following the surgery, and continue to recover over the first few months. 

Another thing to remember is that while laser eye surgery can remarkably improve your eye sight, it is not an ultimate cure, and you may still need eyeglasses for doing certain tasks. Visit Sam’s Club and have your eyes checked. They also offer quality and fashionable eyewear items at a very reasonable price.

If you are wondering what other tasks you can or can’t do after undergoing laser eye surgery, talk to their eye specialist who can explain some of the important things you must consider after your laser eye surgery, including exercising, showering and going back to work.

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