Ways to Make Your Eyeglasses Last Longer

Everyone who wears eyeglasses know that the instance they break will unavoidably come. Whether it is from accidentally sitting on them or having them drop from your head, it is frustrating to purchase a new pair. Make sure you are protecting your eyeglasses the proper manner and save yourself money and time by following these easy advices to keep your eyeglasses in one piece.

Choose a permanent area to keep eyeglasses

Either if you keep eyeglasses at home, work or car, make a permanent area for it. This is certainly a good practice, which can save your valued time looking for it if you overlook where you have placed them last time and don’t have to look through every place just finding your eyeglasses.

Keep them in cases

New pair of eyeglasses usually comes together with a case, so to maintain it clean and away from scratches and dust. Try to keep them in the case at all times when you aren’t using it.

If you lose it, you can simply get it from a local supermarket in order to keep your eyeglasses safe and clean. This will not only guard your eyeglasses but keep them in shape for long time.

Don’t use eyeglasses as hair accessory

Falling off people’s heads is one of the common reasons why eyeglasses break. When propped or placed on top of your head, eyeglasses can certainly tumble off and or stretch out, decreasing their lifespan.

Workout with extra care

Doing any type of moderate physical movement or playing sports with your eyeglasses on can almost assure that you will be buying a new pair shortly. If you indeed need eyeglasses in order to see when engaging in any activity, consider getting protective sports eyewear that is made from robust, impact-resistant material and intended to protect eyes during physical doings.  

Cleaning is required

Clean your eyeglasses regularly to save them from dirt when using it. Use a sanitized fiber-cloth to clean your pair. Another way is spraying them with compressed air but this approach could sometimes be a challenging task as you need to be very careful while doing it. The perfect method is to keep a soft, clean cloth made for dusting eyeglasses.

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