Visionworks Eye Exam Cost

Formerly known as Eye Care Centers of America, Inc., Visionworks touts itself as a leader in eye care services in the United States. The chain has over 700 locations in 42 states and the District of Columbia.

Here’s a list of Visionworks eye exam prices:


Without Insurance

Prices may vary by location

Routine Eye Exam$75.00 and up
Routine + Contact Lens Fitting$125.00-145.00
Visual Field Screening$15.00
Retinol Photo $29.00

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A Wide Array of Products Offered

All Visionworks retail shops are committed to the effective and efficient delivery of high-quality yet affordably-priced eyewear including eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, as well as related accessories. Every need and want in eyewear can be addressed in each of the locations with lens types that include:

  • Single vision lens for people diagnosed with farsightedness and nearsightedness, as well as for those who need reading assistance
  • Multifocal lenses are available in no-line progressive bifocals, trifocals and bifocals.
  • Plano lenses are available for all frames, as well as being popular for their lens treatment and fashion appeal.

Visionworks also offers several types of lens materials to address every need and want. These include polycarbonate lenses, the standard choice in safety, sports and children’s glasses; CR-39 plastic, the affordable option for sharp optics; and Trivex, the high-definition lenses with a slim profile for higher prescriptions.

The chain also offers several lens treatment for better vision and longer lifespan for the lenses. These include scratch-resistant coating, mirror coatings, and ultraviolet treatment.

Visionworks also offers in-store laboratories for one-hour prescription lens services and contact lens dispensing.

Guarantee and Insurance

Customers also has the benefit of 30-day satisfaction guarantee, as well as a free cleanings and adjustments for the lifetime of their eyewear products purchased from Visionworks. The chain also accepts most vision insurance plans, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Davis Vision, and FEP Blue Vision.