Three Steps Parents Should Take to Protect Their Child’s Eyes

Vision disorders are the top handicapping ailments for children, yet many five year olds have not had an eye check by an eye specialist. Read on to know what steps you can take to help your child maintain good eye sight to last a lifetime.

Check for patterns of behavior

The first significant indication that your kid may be suffering with poor vision is if he often sits close to the television or computer monitor, or if he squints his eyes when trying to read something. Unfortunately, only a few parents are in fact aware that these behaviors could be an indication that their child requires an eye check. If you see your child acting this way, communicate with their school to verify if they are offering an eye examination programmed.

Listen to your child

According to optometrists, having clear eye sight can have great positive effects on a child’s learning development. So, if your child is complaining that he cannot see things clearly, or are having hard time reading something, listen to him. Ask other questions to know if you can initially recognize any obvious signs that he may be struggling with his vision.

If your child is struggling to clearly see their school work, this could negatively impact their motivation to learn. A comprehensive examination at Costco Optical will accurately check your child’s eye health. Visit or contact Costco Optical to see what options are offered for your family.

Monitor their school progress

Receiving unsatisfactory grades from a school work is disappointing for any child. Particularly so if poor vision is a contributing factor. Do not wait until his teacher tell you that she thinks your little one is struggling. If your child has conveyed problems about not being able to see the whiteboard clearly, it’s time they get their eyes checked.

Disregard all likelihoods that your child’s school work isn’t meeting expected grades due to poor vision by taking your kid to get their eyes cheeked. Eye examinations will detect your child’s total eye health, and if they’re developing any eye health issues such as a lazy eye (amblyopia) or short-sightedness (myopia).

It is suggested that children start undergoing eye examinations from the age of four years old. Having regular eye checkup from this age will recognize any eye and your children will get the appropriate help and support needed to positively continue with their learning.

If you are concerned about your child’s eye health, contact the dedicated eye health specialists at Costco Optical and see how they can help you.

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