Three Common Eye Indications And What They Actually Mean

Many eye health concerns are easy to notice as soon as you see yourself in a mirror. But, it is not at all times easy to recognize if they need immediate attention from an eye doctor. Eye indications can include puffiness, redness, and watery or dry eyes. Some are symptoms of minor eye health problems and are actually nothing to concern about. Other eye problems need treatment, sometimes straightaway. Here’s a list of five most common eye signs and what may be causing them.

  • Red Eyes. Redness regularly is a result of swollen blood vessels, a minor irritation, or bleeding in the eye. Eye redness can also because of an eye infection. Two common types of eye infection are conjunctivitis or pinkeye, and keratitis, which is a swollen cornea in front part of the eye. Other sources include a scrape or tiny cut or a spurt blood vessel. Seasonal allergies and sensitivities to pet fur or dust can also lead to eye redness. An abrupt occurrence of high pressure in the eye known as acute glaucoma is another cause and it needs an immediate medical attention.
  • Watery Eyes. Many things can cause your eyes to water. It could be your eye’s attempt to wash away dust or dirt. A blocked or infected tear duct can also cause watery eyes. Blocked tear ducts and eye watering are very common in newborn babies. Eye allergies also can cause watery eyes. Infections—conjunctivitis, keratitis and even the common cold— can be to blame. Problems with your eyelids can make eyes water, too. Eyelids turned the wrong way or inflamed eyelids increase tears in the eyes.
  • Thick Discharge. A thick discharge or substance like mucus or pus oozing from eyes commonly means an infection. Discharge is another symptom of keratitis or conjunctivitis. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi cause these kinds of infections. Diverse kinds of infections require different treatments. For example, a green or yellow discharge can be a symptom of a virus. Sometimes dirt or dust gets in the eye that can cause creamy-colored mucus or discharge that can be removed when tears wash it out.

When to Consult an Eye Specialist

While some of these indications can considered as minor eye problems, it’s not all the time easy to identify. Any indications of a possible vision problem like glaucoma or a detached retina need fast medical treatment. For signs whether it’s a simple or serious eye irritation, it’s always best to visit an eye specialist such as Costco Optical. Specialist from Costco Optical can identify these problems using innovative and effective approaches If you need eye treatment, commencing it early is usually most effective and aids avert potential complications.

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