Tech-Savvy? Here are 4 Reliable Tips on How to Protect Your Eyes from Your Gadgets

With the advent of technology, it’s hard for anyone to spend an entire day without looking at any gadget. If you’re a tech-savvy person, you probably spend at least eight hours browsing through your smartphone or laptop, or both.

According to studies, screens emit huge amounts of blue light that can penetrate deep into your eyes and cause serious damage, like macular degeneration. This disease can lead to visual loss.

If you want to protect your eyes, it would help if you can find yourself a trusted optical clinic – say, LensCrafters. You can further aid yourself, and save your eyes from screen-induced strains and damages by taking these tips to heart.

Take a break by employing the 20-20-20 technique

Experts claim that doing the 20-20-20 technique while being exposed to gadgets can help keep your eye health in good condition. In this method, you are advised to take a break from your device every 20 minutes by looking at anything that is 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. Apps like Chrome and Firefox are offering add-on’s or extensions that can help remind you when you need to take the 20-20-20 break.

Use the power of blinking and don’t forget to keep your eyes lubricated

Strange as it may sound, but more often than not, you will tend to forget to blink your eyes after looking at a gadget screen for a long period of time. And it’s an alarming fact because blinking is a process that keeps your eyes lubricated.

Apart from blinking, another way to re-wet your eyes is by using saline eye drops every couple of hours.

Adjust your gadget’s settings

You can make your device more eye-friendly by tweaking some of its settings. First, reduce your screen brightness. If you find it hard adjusting to the lower screen brightness, you can address the issue by putting a small lamp beside your computer. If it is also possible, you should also consider changing your screen’s background color to grey. This will reduce the glare, letting your eyes have more focus. Another simple tip is to enlarge the text on your screen.

Invest in a screen protector or anti-glare glasses

Screen protectors and anti-glare glasses are your best buddies if you want to reduce the risk of getting your eyes suffer from strain. Screen protectors lessen the glare that come out from your gadget’s screen while the glasses are designed to make harsh whites softer and more eye-friendly. Some types of anti-glare glasses also feature a built-in magnifier.

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