Stop Scratching Your Scalp, Seek Treatment Instead

The scalp may be hidden by your hair but it can also be the sources of all-too-visible issues, such as snow falling on the mountain. But dandruff may well the least problematic of scalp-related health issues! Here are the most common conditions that you should immediately seek medical consultation ASAP lest your scalp becomes more damaged.  

#1 Cysts

Scalp cysts, fortunately, are easy to identify and easy to treat, as well as being common. These are usually small enough – a grape or marble-sized cyst isn’t uncommon – not to be noticed with a full head of hair. But you will observe it because your brush can run over the fluid-filled sacs on your scalp.

As with most cysts, scalp cysts are mostly benign and, thus, aren’t cause for concern. But when these become irritated and/or infected, usually via friction, it can cause fluid drainage, pain, and redness of the affected area.

Scalp cysts can either be left alone or surgically removed depending on several factors.  

#2 Folliculitis

The hair follicle can suffer from inflammation, usually from a bacterial infection (i.e., staph infection). But it can also be caused by the use of heavy conditioners, shaving, and chemicals in hair dyes, even from excessive sweating. Its first sign is little pus bumps that look like acne except that these are sore even when not touched.  

The best treatment for folliculitis depends on its source. If it’s due to the use of heavy conditioners or hair dyes, then their use should be stopped immediately. If it’s due to a bacterial infection, either a topical or an oral antibiotic will be prescribed.

#3 Psoriasis

Anybody can experience psoriasis at any age but studies have shown that it affects one to two percent of the general population. Scientists believe that it’s an autoimmune condition characterized by the skin’s top layer of cells going into overdrive. The result: The skin has pink scaly plaques with a silvery scale.

Psoriasis of the scalp is among the hardest to treat because the scaly patches on the scalp can be painful, as well as bleed and crust up. If you have it, you will also likely worsen the condition because of the irresistible urge to relieve the itch.  

When it comes to psoriasis treatment, the key here is in relief of symptoms. Several methods are usually used in order to achieve the best possible results.  

Your doctor can recommend medications, such as Luxiq, for effective management of your specific scalp condition. You are well-advised to comply with your treatment plan, as well as inform your doctor about the side effects and interactions that you may be experiencing.

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