Simple Eye Care Tips You Should Teach to Your Kids

If you’re a parent, your kids’ health is of utmost importance. Eyes are some of the most delicate organs of their body that should be properly taken care of. On top of having them examined at popular eye examination centers like Sears, it is also important to teach them proper eye care.

To help maintain your children’s eye health, read on and take note of the following reminders.

Don’t let your kids rub their eyes

If your children rub their eyes frequently, germs are most likely to spread and cause infections. This is especially true if your little ones are already sick with another illness (for instance, conjunctivitis). Safeguard them against viruses by teaching them the habit of washing their hands properly.

Prevent them from using gadgets for a long period of time

At an early age, kids of this generation are already exposed to gadgets and devices. From watching their favorite TV shows, to playing mobile and computer games, your children are at risk of getting eyestrains. These habits can also cause headache, exhaustion, and uneasiness in their eyes.

To avoid this, you must only allow your kids to use gadgets for only a certain period of time. If they are watching television, make sure that their room is well lit and they are maintaining a minimum distance of three and a half meters.

You may also introduce other toys or forms of entertainment that do not require any blue light-emitting device.

Don’t let them use unsafe toys

In relation to the abovementioned eye care tip, you shouldn’t also let your kids use toys that can pose danger to their eyes. Only buy or give them toys that do not have pointed edges or pointed materials that come along with them. In case they are playing in other houses or premises, you should tell them that they must not play with sharp toys. You should also prevent your little ones from getting in contact with fireworks as well as with other hazardous chemicals and sprays.

Give your children foods that boost eye health

Proper diet is also crucial if you want your kids’ eye health to remain in good condition. To do this, you should include foods that are rich with lutein, zeaxanthin, carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in their diet. These nutrients, which can be found in leafy greens, nuts, eggs and citrus fruits, help protect your children’s eyes from developing diseases. Fishes, which contain omega-3 fatty acids, also contribute to your kids’ eyesight development and help them prevent from getting dry eyes.

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