See And Sex Life Affected By Hypertension

Hypertension increases the risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks and strokes, but it doesn’t stop there either. People with hypertension also have higher risks of damage to their eyes and to their sex lives, a sad fact that should encourage you to seek proper treatment ASAP.

Losing Your Sense of Sight

Your eyes have a complex network of tiny and delicate blood vessels that supply blood to the organ. But like other blood vessels, these can also be damaged by high blood pressure in several ways.

  • Retinopathy refers to the damage to the blood vessels in the eyes. This results in blurred vision, bleeding in the affected eye, and complete loss of vision. You definitely don’t want the latter happening in your case, especially when you value your sense of sight more than any other of your five senses.  
  • Choroidopathy refers to the buildup of fluids under your retina due to a leaky blood vessel. This can cause distorted vision, even scarring in the eye area that impairs vision.  
  • Optic neuropathy refers to damage in the optic nerve usually caused by a blocked blood vessel. This can also result in bleeding within the affected eye and, when left untreated, vision loss.

While there are many medications that can alleviate the symptoms of these conditions, such as Xalatan, the adage about prevention being the best cure still applies. You should work with your doctor in the effective management, if not treatment, of your hypertension.  

Losing Your Sex Drive

Although older men, usually 50 years and above, are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction (ED), the risk of ED occurring increases with hypertension. Over time, the lining of the blood vessels become damaged by the high blood pressure resulting in hardened and narrowed arteries. The blood flow to the penis will also be reduced, thus, the difficulty of attaining and/or maintaining erections until orgasm.  

Indeed, the issue of ED is common in men with hypertension. But it isn’t just men who can experience reduced sex drive due to hypertension – women get it, too. The decreased libido partly comes from the reduced blood flow to the vagina as well as in vaginal dryness. While lubrication, sex tools, and sexual stimulation can help, the treatment of hypertension should come first.  

Aside from losing your sense of sight and sex drive, you can also suffer from other health issues due to untreated hypertension. You can lose excessive amounts of calcium resulting in osteoporosis and lose sleep because of your risk of obstructive sleep apnea, too.

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