Pros and Cons of Glasses

Glasses are the usual solutions that people resort to when they experience eye problems. Even with the leaps and bounds that the developments in medical technology have achieved, these instruments have proven to be invaluable time and time again. People still use them even if contact lenses and eye surgeries are becoming for accessible to the public. In fact, huge eyewear companies report billions of dollars in revenue every year.

If you’re still thinking about getting glasses, read the points below to help you determine if they are suited for you or not.


Everyone can wear them. You may only see adults wear eye glasses, but the truth is, they can be worn even by infants. This only goes to show that they are safe for anyone to use. Children would usually watch TV and play video games, sitting near the screen, which causes eye problems. And since they are too young to wear contact lenses or have eye surgeries, glasses are the best solutions.

No side effects. They don’t have any side effects that could come from complicated eye surgeries. Spectacles do not touch the eyeballs, so there would be no chance of hurting these body parts. If it’s your first time to use glasses, you may feel discomfort during the first few days, and then you should be able to adjust afterwards. If you get eyesight problems or headaches even if you’re already wearing specs, then it’s time to visit the optometrist again because you may need to get a new prescription.

Easy to use. Glasses are much easier to use than contact lenses. Contact lenses need sophisticated care and they often cause irritation when not used properly. They also fall out sometimes and are hard to find, which becomes really frustrating if you don’t have an extra pair.

Inexpensive. The cost will definitely be determined by the brand. If you’re budget conscious, then choose the less expensive brand. They don’t have to look inferior to others, because there are so many fashionable yet cheap specs in optical shops. The trick is to find the right frame for your facial shape and the right color for your skin tone.

Easy to purchase. Tons of people use them, and often, for life. Since there’s a huge demand, you can find optical shops in almost every town and city in the country. Some can even provide the glasses the same day of your purchase.

They make you look smart. This still depends on the person’s overall getup, but you have to admit, there are certain expectations about people with eyeglasses. They look like they read a lot, and thus, ‘know’ tons of stuff. If you’re a young person who wants to look mature, then this look may be for you.

Protection. The eyes are pretty sensitive. They could easy be hurt by small things in the air. Spectacles act as protection that will surely be appreciated by your eyes.


Annoying. There are only a few reasons why some people don’t like wearing glasses, and one of them is that they feel uncomfortable having to put these devices on their faces. A person could sweat a lot and he or she has to take them off to wipe the moisture off his or her face. Or they could be reading lying in bed, but afraid to fall asleep because they could break the frame. Or that glasses become pretty useless under the rain and you don’t have an umbrella.

Not allowed in work. If the work requires active movement, then the use of glasses can be prohibited, like with the case of firefighters or sportsmen and women. They may hinder the person’s performance and may cause disruption in the job. This is a good example of when people would prefer wearing contact lenses or getting an eye operation. There are instances though when basketball players, for example, wear prescription glasses when they’re in the game.

Broken or Lost. For some reason, there are people who often break or misplace their eyeglasses. Even if they’re less expensive than contact lenses, if you misplace them all the time, then you’re going to spend a lot more on replacements in the end.

They make you look geeky. Some people think that spectacles make them look like a geek, which for them is unacceptable (for some people, this is a plus). They prefer to have colored contact lenses instead, for added style.

If you think you need eye glasses for whatever reason, do not hesitate to go to an optical shop to get your eyes checked. You can get a Costco eye exam so you can determine if the problems you’re having are related to eye health. You’ll also be able to find fashionable specs at Costco because of their wide collection of eyewear.

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