Preparing For Your Eye Exam Is a Must

Your eye is one of the most important and sensitive organs of your body. You must then be prepared for your eye appointment with your ophthalmologist, optometrist, or optician in places like Target and Walgreens, which have their own in-store eye clinics. Your preparation will assist your eye professional in accurately diagnosing and effectively treating your vision-related problems.

On Your First Visit

If it’s your first time for an eye exam or if it’s your first time with a new eye doctor, you will be required to answer relevant questions about your vision including your past and present symptoms. You have to give honest answers, even when these are embarrassing, because these will help your eye doctor understand your medical history, risks for eye injuries and illnesses, and possible treatments.

You are well-advised to write down your answers to these common problems to facilitate the eye exam:

  • Do you have eye issues at present?
  • Did you have eye problems in the past?
  • Were you born on-term or prematurely?
  • Does anyone in your immediate family have eye problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration, or cataracts?
  • Does anyone in your family have a history of chronic degenerative disease, such as hypertension,
  • What health problems did you have in recent years?
  • Do you wear contact lenses or eyeglasses now and are you satisfied with them?
  • Do you have allergies to food, medications, and other substances?
  • Do you have regular medications?
  • Have you ever undergone eye surgery?

You should also write down any information that may be relevant to your current eye issues. Even the little detail will matter in this case.

During the Visit

As with any medical appointment, you have to be on time for your appointment since there will be other patients. If necessary, you may bring along a companion who will drive you home since you may be unfit to do so.

In case you are wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, you should bring these along on your appointment and you may even be asked to remove the latter. This is because there are tests that use fluorescein, a dye, which can permanently discolor contact lenses and temporarily color your eyes.

You should answer your eye doctor’s questions as honestly as possible since your answers will have a large impact on the tests and treatments that will be adopted. You can refer to your notes, of course, but you should also not be surprised about unusual questions since these are part of the medical exam process.

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