Liposuction Q and A

Are you frustrated with that belly fat? Have you tried dieting and exercise yet nothing seems to work? You may be a good candidate for liposuction. Certainly if you look up Sonobello prices they’re competitive. But before you go under the knife here are some facts you need to know.

How Does Liposuction Work?

There are different types of liposuction procedures. The most common methods use high powered sound waves or ultrasonic technology to soften up body fat. The procedure targets belly fat – or other body parts – and the soft fat turns into liquid. The liquid is then removed from your body.

Is Liposuction Safe?

You won’t feel any pain during the procedure and only the fat cells are removed. Your blood vessels, organs, nerves and tissues are all intact.  Liposuction techniques have advanced a good deal and are safer now than they’ve ever been.

How Long Before You See Results?

You’ll see results right away. After the procedure your body fats will disappear. There will be a bit of bruising and swelling on the areas where the fat was removed, but they’ll disappear after a few weeks.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Swelling and bruising are the only side effects. If you feel discomfort or body pain, consult your doctor. Follow every advice your doctor gives you and take any medication that may be prescribed.

Will You Gain Weight After Liposuction?

The fat cells liposuction removes cannot return, so your body shape will no revert to the old one. However if you don’t watch what you eat you’ll get bigger. You won’t be as fat as before but you’ll turn into a bigger version of your current body shape.

What Parts of the Body Can be Treated for Liposuction?

The most commonly treated parts for women are the neck, cheeks, buttocks, arms, inner thighs, anterior thighs, outer thighs, hips, breasts and abdomen.

For men the most widely treated are the breasts, love handles abdomen, neck and chin.

Liposuction patients are about 75% women and 25% men.

How Long Does the Recovery Time Take?

If general anesthesia is used, you can leave the facility in 2 to 3 hours. If local anesthesia is u employed, you’ll be ready to go in 30 minutes.


Liposuction is a safe medical procedure and carries very little risk or side effects. As long as you have realistic expectations and follow your doctor’s advice, there should be no problems.

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