How Frequent Should You Have an Eye Check

Many people put off undergoing an eye examination for months or even years, even though they would not do the same for other medical appointments. However, our vision is just as vital as any other area of our health.

If you see any changes in your vision, you should immediately book an eye examination, but even if you have not noticed anything unusual you should still need to visit your eye doctor every two years. Eye check can help detect health conditions including high blood pressure and diabetes. It’s still vital to go for a checkup even if you think you have a clear, perfect vision.

Read on below to know more about the importance of eye tests.

Importance of Routine Eye Exam

Having regular eye examinations is important not just to detect any issues with eyesight, but also to evaluate the overall eye health and whether there are underlying health conditions.

Eye Specialists Recommendations

Having an eye examination every two years is a great start when looking after your vision, but eye experts recommend other ways to prevent eye conditions from developing.

Recommendations given by optometrists include not smoking and wearing appropriate sunglasses to protect the eyes against UV rays. These factors have links to poor eye sight and problems such as glaucoma and distorted vision. Eye doctors also stress that it’s important not to disregard severe symptoms including double vision, distorted vision, blind spots, and floaters in the eyes.

Optometrists recommend regular eye examinations as the ultimate way of protecting your eye health. The most usual reason for not undergoing regular eye examinations and for delaying eye treatment is being afraid of surgery. This reason leads many people to postpone having regular eye examinations, which can cause eye disorders to get worse to the point where the condition becomes untreatable.

Going for an eye examination

If you think that you have an issue with your vision or eye health, the initial step is to schedule an eye checkup. When you undergo an eye test, listen closely to the optometrist and answer every question as precisely as possible. If you find there’s a problem with your vision, you don’t need to worry, as there are many treatment options available now. It is important not to put off any eye treatment and discuss your options with your eye doctor as early as possible.

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