Got Poor Eyesight? Try These Simple Exercises to Improve Your Vision

You’ve recently visited Pearle Vision to have your eyes examined, and you found out that you’ve already lost that perfect 20-20 vision. Your game plan is to get yourself a pair of eyeglasses or contact lens. But did you know that you can help improve your eyesight by adding other things to your back-to-perfect-vision scheme? One of which is trying simple eye exercises.

Eye exercises aim to strengthen eye muscles, and improve eye movements and focus. They are also designed to aid in stimulating your brain’s vision center.

Combat your poor eyesight by regularly doing these easy exercises!

Eyeball Rolling

One of the simplest techniques to relax your eyes is rolling your eyeballs. To apply this technique, simply look in the front and move your eyeballs in the clockwise direction. Afterwards, move them again, but this time, in the anti-clockwise direction.


This method helps relax your eyes and spread tear film evenly. To do this, you must first find yourself a comfortable chair or lounge for utmost relaxation. Rub your hands until they feel warm. Close your eyes and cover them with your cupped palm. Make sure no light can enter your eyes. Think of a calming scene and slowly take deep breaths. Do this for at least three minutes.


Blinking is an easy way to prevent your eyes from getting dry. However, this exercise is often left ignored, especially when you are watching or reading something interesting from your smartphone, desktop or tablet. You must keep in mind that if you’re looking at a screen for a long period of time, you should do some blinking once in a while. Blinking in every three seconds for the next three minutes can already help make your eyes feel refreshed.


To do this exercise, you should sit in a comfortable position before stretching out your arms. Focus your eyes on your thumb (either right or left). Keep an eye on your thumb as you bring it closer to your face (about three inches from your nose). Do the same as you bring your arms back to a stretch. Repeat the set three times. This simple exercise, which can be done once a day, helps improve eye power.

Making a Figure Eight

This method lets you practice controlling your eyes’ physical movement. To do this, picture out a giant “8” figure on the floor approximately 10 feet away from you. Gently trace the figure with your eyes in one direction and in the other direction afterwards.

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