Getting Your Injections Right

Effective diabetes management in many people requires injections of medications, such as Tanzeum (albiglutide). This can be tricky for beginners in the practice for many reasons, such as the identification of the best injection sites. Even patients who have years of experiences can benefit from the following recommendations.  

Preparing for Your Injection

Of course, you don’t just get a needle and syringe setup and stick it into your arm. You have to ensure that, indeed, you are prepared for the injection – and it starts with sterilizing your injection tools and site.  You must always perform the following steps:

  • Wash your hands up to your elbows with soap and water. Set the timer to 1 minute, if necessary. Dry your hands and arms well.
  • Wash the injection site or wipe it well with an alcohol swab. Let your skin dry first in case of the latter.  
  • Check the vial’s expiration date.
  • Wipe its surface, too, with an alcohol swab.

Your main goal is to ensure that your injection tools and site will not be the source of infection.  

Preparing Your Skin

Keep in mind that a skin lift may or may not be necessary in your case so it’s always best to ask your doctor instead of second-guessing yourself. But in situations like the following, it is likely necessary:

  • When the needle’s length is 8 millimeters or longer
  • When your injection site, particularly your abdomen, arms, and legs, have little adipose tissue (i.e., fat tissue), even when the needle is 5 to 6 millimeters only.

If you’re using a 4 millimeter needle, then a skin lift may not be necessary. You should let your doctor see whether you have it right since an improperly done skin lift can result in the medication being injected into a muscle. In some cases, it may be that the medication wasn’t injected deeply enough.

When your skin and syringe are ready, you can inject your medication. But be sure to choose the right injection site as it will affect the delivery of medication and, thus, its efficacy in your body.

In adult patients, doctors recommend the following parts as the best injection sites:

  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Upper buttocks
  • Back of the upper arm but only when you have somebody else who will perform the injection

You should rotate your injection site to avoid lumps and bumps on your skin, not to mention that it can increase the efficacy of your medication. You can make a chart of your injection areas so that you can have a structured rotation.

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