Getting Your Partner Involved In ED Management

Getting a partner’s active involvement in the management of erectile dysfunction isn’t always possible or suitable for many reasons. But many patients have proven that active involvement by their partners can be helpful, even useful, in the effective treatment of impotence.  

Ways Your Partner Can Help

Many research studies point to the negative impact of erectile dysfunction (ED) from emotional distress to physical dissatisfaction on both the affected man and his partner.  Of course, even when both people are actively involved in the treatment plan, it isn’t a guarantee because many factors can also affect efficacy, such as relationship issues.

You may, nonetheless, seek your partner’s involvement since it may well improve the success of your treatment plan, as well as bring back the fire in your relationship, sexual and otherwise.  You have to discuss with your partner the level of involvement that can be given, especially as you will have a unique dynamic that demands more or less involvement.

In case your partner agrees to become involved, you can both agree about a few or several of the ways she can become involved.  

  • Become your appointment buddy. Your partner may add certain things to the discussion during your doctor’s appointments, such as better descriptions of your sexual responses and patterns.
  • Offer another view of your relationship. Your doctor will appreciate new insights about relationship issues that affect your psychological health. You have to remember that ED isn’t just about physical issues, such as an underlying medical condition, but also about psychological problems.  
  • Learn more about your condition, from the symptoms and causes to the medical and alternative treatments. Your partner will likely be more understanding of your reactions to sexual stimulation instead of taking it too personally (e.g., blaming you or herself for your inability to sustain your erection).
  • Provide assistance with your therapy. Your partner, for example, can give reminders about your medications like Cialis so you can stay on track.  

You will find that your fight need not be a lonely one with your partner by your side in more ways than one.

Tips to Get Active Involvement

But getting your partner’s involvement can be challenging, too. You shouldn’t force the issue, especially when it’s the first time she hears of it, since you have to give her time to absorb the information. You may want to drop the subject for a few days before bringing it up again in a relaxed environment.

You have to be honest, candid and straightforward about answering her questions, no matter when these seem too personal. You want to draw her into your world, so to speak, so that her involvement becomes voluntary.  

Keep in mind, too, that ED isn’t a death sentence. You have so many possible treatments that can be discussed with your doctor.  

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