Get Rid of Dry Eyes with These Easy Tricks

Dry eye syndrome affects about 15 percent of the world population. While many people think that this is just a simple eye problem, it actually goes beyond the fact that your eyes are unable to lubricate well.

How can dry eyes threaten our sense of sight?

First off, if you are diagnosed with this syndrome by your trusted clinic (for example, PearleVision), know that you are now more susceptible to infection and scratches. As Eye Floater Misconceptions You Should Stop Believingyour eyes are unable to produce tears well, you are now lacking of a natural way to keep the surface of your eyes smooth and protected. Tears also help in focusing light.

The worst-case scenario of having dry eyes is that it can lead to impairing your vision. In most cases, advanced dry eyes can cause corneal scarring, which can affect how you can see things permanently.

Say goodbye to dry eyes with these helpful tricks!

  • Use eyedrops more frequently

Seek out the help of an eye expert to know which type of eyedrop is most suitable for your condition – it can be a liquid, gel or ointment formula. He/she will also advise you on how frequent you should get your eyes lubricated with the recommended eyedrop for you. Eyedrops will provide immediate comfort and ease that feeling of soreness.

  • Make your environment friendlier for your eyes

According different studies, rooms with air conditioning units may only worsen dry eye symptoms because they help tears evaporate more quickly. To avoid this, you should avoid direct air-flow contact into your eyes. Another way is to increase your room’s or working places’ level of humidity. This will aid in the oil excretion inside of your eyelids.

  • Take a break from your electronic gadgets

Once in a while, you should take your time off looking at the screens of your gadgets or devices. You can follow the so-called “20-20-20 technique,” wherein you are encouraged to look at something that is 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. You can also make it a habit to blink more frequently because it will help re-wet your eyes.

  • Eat more fish

Fish, especially salmon, contains omega-3 fatty acids that are essential in tear production. Include more of this kind of food to your diet to help improve your dry eyes. Just make sure that what you eat are wild-caught, and not farm-raised, because they have more omega-3 fatty acids and lesser saturated fat. If farm-raised fishes are the only ones available in your area, keep in mind that what you’ll buy are organically grown.

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