Get Fully Prepared for Your Upcoming Eye Surgery

The last time you’ve had your eyes examined at Sears, your eye doctor recommended that you need to undergo a laser eye surgery. It’s all for your benefit, because after the procedure, that long-standing vision problem of yours will finally be corrected.

But, as you come back to you home, you realize one thing – you need to get fully prepared before the eye surgery. Do you need to panic? Actually not, because with ample time and proper conditioning of your mind and body, you will be rest assured that the surgery will go just fine.

What do you need to do prior to your eye surgery?

  • First and foremost, you must ensure that your doctor is fully aware of your whole medical history, including the prescriptions you regularly take and the medications you are allergic to. This is to avoid any complication that can arise during or even after the surgery proper.
  • Make sure that if you wear contacts, you must avoid using them days or weeks prior the surgery – depending on how long your surgeon recommends. You can resort to switching to eyeglasses for the meantime. Why? Because contact lenses change the shape of your eyes’ cornea. If you’re undergoing an eye surgery, it is your eye surgeon who must make the changes to your cornea’s natural shape.
  • Never apply make-up the evening before the surgery. Other beauty cosmetics, facial creams and even perfumes should also be avoided. Simply put, you must make sure that your face is clean and free of any foreign substance – especially the surrounding areas of your eyes. Doing this will avoid you from getting any infection during the procedure.
  • Take someone with you who will accompany you home once the surgery is done. After the procedure, you will not be permitted to drive because of the pre-surgery sedatives and the shields that were put around your face to protect your eyes.

After surgery, what’s next?

On the evening after surgery, you are recommended to rest your eyes and keep them closed. You are hence prevented from using any mobile devices. Some forms of entertainment you can consider during recovery include listening to music or audio books.

Your eye doctor will schedule your check-ups and until he/she advises you that you are now allowed to use blue light-emitting devices, remind yourself to refrain from doing so as it may affect the adjustments or changes made to your eyes during the operation.

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