From Hair To Skin: Men’s Embarrassing Issues

In the world of the metrosexual man, many men still have to deal with a wide range of embarrassing issues, many of which are beyond their control. Fortunately, men who seek treatments for these issues aren’t considered too vain for their own good in contemporary society. In fact, seeking professional treatments aside from lifestyle remedies is completely acceptable for men of all ages!  

Here are a few of these embarrassing issues that the beauty industry and scientific community have already found solutions for.  

Hair Thinning and Growing

For most men, a receding hairline becomes a fact of life as soon as they hit their mid-30s with significant hair loss becoming evident by their 50s. While many men follow the examples of Bruce Willis and other famous bald men, many men also look for solutions including:

  • Hair transplants
  • Medications like finasteride (pill) and minoxidil (lotion)
  • Wigs
  • Tattoos

And then there’s the other end of the hair spectrum – too much hair albeit in the wrong places. First, the uni-brow, which are eyebrows that meet in the center of the forehead due to their thick and bushy appearance. Second, the back hair that seems to have sprouted overnight.  

Your doctor can recommend several hair removal techniques including electrolysis, laser hair removal, hair removal creams, and waxing. You can also just take a razor to your hair but they will still grow back.  

Skin Flushing, Itching and Sweating

Men are just as concerned about their skin’s health as women for good reasons. Whether you’re in a swimming trunk or in a business suit can be embarrassing if you have one of these skin issues. 

  • Rosacea

No, it isn’t your natural flush that may be causing your blushing complexion. You may have rosacea, a condition that causes flushing in the face. Your nose may also become thick, red, and even bulbous while tiny red lines and pimples appear on your cheeks. Your doctor can recommend certain medications to prevent a flare-up, such as Accutane.  

  • Jock itch

Even non-athletes can get jock itch, a fungal infection that easily spreads either among people or from another part of your body. You may observe an itchy patch of skin on either your groin or inner thighs. Your doctor may recommend an over-the-counter antifungal cream but you must keep the infected are as dry as possible, too.  

  • Excessive sweating

Men sweat more than women and it’s a fact. But if you’re constantly wiping your hands or your body because of excessive sweating, even when you aren’t engaged in a strenuous activity, then you may have hyperhidrosis. You should ask your doctor or nurse about proper treatments.  

Life is too short and too beautiful to be affected by these manly issues so seek help ASAP!  

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