Five Common Myths about Laser Eye Surgery Debunked

You might have heard about laser eye surgery in so many occasions, but keep in mind that not everything you have heard is always true. The information you hear through word of mouth or read online is not at all times the whole truth. Deciding whether this type of eye surgery is best for you should be a personal decision and based on actual facts rather than fiction.

Myth 1: Laser is hot

When talking about lasers, it is only normal to consider science fiction, and assume that laser would be red hot. Actually, the lasers used during an eye surgery are cold. Someone might have told you that there is a burning smell in the course of the surgery, but the smell is just the result of carbon atoms being released by the laser into the air.

Myth 2: It is painful

In most circumstances you won’t even feel a thing during the surgery, as you will be provided with anesthetic eye drops before the procedure. Few days after eye surgery you may feel some slight uneasiness, but this will soon fade as your eyes heal.

Myth 3: Laser eye surgery is not permanent

The modifications made to your eye cornea during the surgery are permanent. However, your eye sight may still change considerably as you age.

Myth 5: You can’t have cataract surgery in the future

This isn’t the case because laser eye surgery doesn’t prevent you from undergoing cataract surgical treatment if you require it later in life. 

Myth 6: Surgery could make you go blind

This type of eye surgery only affects the eye’s front surface. Major complications are particularly rare, and there have been no instances of blindness to date, after millions of surgeries being done worldwide.

Myth 7: If the surgery goes wrong, you can’t do anything to correct it

In the implausible scenario that outcome isn’t as expected, eye surgeons can perform further support and treatment to help you attain your desired result.

Myth 8: It is just for those with short-sightedness

Laser eye surgery can astigmatism and correct long-sightedness effectively.

Don’t let these myths regarding laser eye surgery keep you away from having better vision. If you have concerns, it’s best to visit laser eye surgical center to discuss with a professional those worries in person. The professionals at Pearle Vision can help you put those concerns to rest by undergoing a comprehensive eye check. Contact them to learn more about eye health or to schedule your eye examination.

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