Five Common Causes Of Those Annoying Eye Twitches

There is nothing more bothersome than a persistent eye twitch. The great news is that most reasons of eye twitches can be rectified or avoided and most eye twitching can be eradicated with simple modifications to lifestyle and environment.

Eye twitches are normally very short in period and may last just a few minutes at the most. Nevertheless, in some circumstances, this condition can become very disruptive and chronic. Any eye twitching which is annoying or causes any kind of distress should be examined by a doctor or an ophthalmologist to exclude any serious medical conditions.

Top Causes of Eye Twitching

Are you irritated by stubborn eye twitches?  One of the causes below may be triggering your eye twitching.

  • Stress Level. The more stress you are under, the more probable that your nervous system will respond by becoming oversensitive to stimuli. This may include eye twitching, random muscle contractions, and facial spasms. Relaxation and stress reduction practices may be beneficial in decreasing overall stress levels.
  • Fatigue. Insomnia, late nights at work, long periods of time on the television or computer, or just being awake for long hours can all cause eye twitching. Often, fatigue is related with eyestrain, dry eye, and sensitivity to light.  
  • Caffeine Consumption. Consuming a big amount of sodas, coffee, caffeinated teas, and chocolate can increase your everyday caffeine ingestion. Reducing the quantity of caffeine consumed on a daily basis can assist with overall stress decline and can help eliminate that jittery sensation.
  • Vision Conditions. If you have untreated eye problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, or age-related close focus conditions, your eyes may be functioning much harder than needed, leading to the progress of twitches. Eyesight problems can normally be improved with eye glasses, contacts. Visit the nearest Target Optical to help you address your eye twitching problems.
  • Dry Eyes. This can be a chronic eye condition or a consequence of staying in a windy or dry environment. It can also occur if you’re focusing on a particular object without blinking, such as a computer monitor, for lengthy periods of time. Medications and age can similarly contribute to dry eyes.

With a varied possible reasons for eye twitches it’s important to go to your eye doctor to define the cause of the eye muscle spasm. Most eye twitching can be simply treated with modest diet and lifestyle modifications that will not only benefit your eyes but your overall physical and mental health as well.

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