FAQs About Statins and Cholesterol Control

Statins, such as Crestor, are a class of drugs used in decreasing cholesterol levels in the blood. Are you curious by now? Here are a few more things that you should know about statins and your health.  

How Do Statins Work?  

Emphasis must be made that most of the blood cholesterol is made by the liver so there are two main ways that statins work in its reduction.

First, these decrease the amount of cholesterol produces by the liver. Second, these aid the liver in removing cholesterol already present in the blood.  

But don’t take statins without your doctor’s recommendation and supervision! In fact, you have to thoroughly discuss the risks and rewards of taking these drugs, especially in relation to your particular risk for heart attack or stroke.  

Are There Risks to Taking Statins?

In most people, statins are usually well-tolerated so much so that there are little to no side effects provided the proper doses are followed. But there are two risks that you may want to discuss with your doctor:  

  • Muscle issues are relatively common in people taking statins. But take note that even in people not on a statins program, these are also quite common. Ask your doctor about the matter before deciding to stop taking statins.   
  • Risk of diabetes may increase. But such risk is small, not to mention that the benefits of reduced risk of stroke and heart attack may outweigh it.  

Just like all drugs, statins have their share of side effects and drug interactions. But these can be minimized by working closely with your doctor about proper dosage and duration.  

Why Take Statins Along with Healthy Lifestyle Habits?

Of course, the performance of regular physical activity, the consumption of heart-healthy foods, and the adoption of sensible lifestyle habits are a must in keeping blood cholesterol levels normal. These are controllable factors but there are many other uncontrollable factors, such as genetics, too.

The latter play crucial roles in an individual’s risk for heart attack and strokes and even the healthiest person doesn’t have it in his power to control them. This is where the likes of statins come in – drugs that can reduce blood cholesterol levels that cannot be achieved by healthy lifestyle habits alone.  

Even when you’re taking statins, you should always follow your doctor’s recommendations about making changes to your lifestyle. You may find it initially difficult, especially when you have deep-seated unhealthy habits, but the thought of premature death should be enough motivation to get on it ASAP.  

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