Eye Problems Caused by Aging

Old age affects everything, from movement to hearing to eyesight. Even though kids and young adults suffer poor vision, people who are 60 or older are much more susceptible to getting eye problems. When they experience vision troubles, it is necessary that they consult with a doctor right away. No need to go to a hospital because they can get optometry and ophthalmology services from stores, like Walmart. You can get a Walmart eye exam as soon as you notice that your eyesight is not as good as before.

What are examples of urgent vision problems?

If you’re a member of the senior age group and you are experiencing any of the problems below, get a comprehensive eye exam as soon as possible. These are not emergencies, but early prevention is required.

Irritated eyes. The feeling can be of scratchiness or tearing on the surface. This can be due to the dryness of the eyes. This is not a vision-threatening disorder, but it’s scary and a general nuisance. This is a problem that a lot of old people complain about. Aside from changes in tear chemistry, the body produces less tear, which causes dry eyes. If this is not remedied quickly, severe symptoms may occur. Medications may include prescription or over-the-counter eye drops recommended by the eye care practitioner.

Blind spots. Other than having areas you cannot see, you are also subjected to vision blurring, as well as floaters in your line of sight. This is a problem of people with diabetes. If you have diabetes, you will be required to have regular eye exam. The condition of the retina will be evaluated by the doctor, and he or she will be providing essential information to your general physician. The optical exam results can determine the severity and control of your ailment.

Blurred and cloudy eyesight. Objects and your surroundings will look as if they have lost their luminosity and saturation; and at nights, you will see halos surrounding lights. These changes can be caused by cataracts, which occur naturally, as aging causes the eye’s lens to cloud. This is not medical emergency, but it tends to gradually worsen over time. A surgery will have to be done so that the cloudy lens is replaced by a custom intraocular lens. Waiting too long to get a surgery may cause complications, like glaucoma. The lens can also become difficult to remove as it tends to harden.

Loss of central vision. This can happen gradually. Other problems include straight lines and objects appearing distorted and wavy. Macular degeneration (AMD) may be the cause of this warning sign. This is a primary cause of vision loss among old people in the United States. Years ago there was no effective cure for AMD, but now there are new treatments to limit or sometimes halt AMD-related blindness.

Narrowing field of view. A usual sign of glaucoma is the decrease of a person’s ability to see things off to the side. Blindness or tunnel vision can happen if this condition continues to happen. Intervention from the eye experts is necessary.

What are the situations you can consider a medical emergency?

Unexpected fuzziness in one eye. This is a sign of macular hole development in the retina. Prompt diagnosis and treatment is needed as macular holes are known to cause permanent blindness when untreated. Someone who’s over 60 years of age is more likely to get this ailment than a younger person.

Double vision. It is when you see two ghostly images of the same person or object beside each other. Visit your physician as soon as possible because this is a known sign of stroke.

Redness of the eyes, vomiting, and nausea. These can be indications of sudden narrow-angle glaucoma attack. It can lead to permanent damage in the person’s optic nerve, thus creating permanent loss of sight.

Darkness in the field of view. The retina of your eyes may have been detached. It happens when the retina splits from the choroid or the layer of blood vessels. Permanent blindness will result if it is not returned to its proper place within hours.

A barrage of floaters and spots in your field of sight. Eye floaters are normal conditions experienced by old people. This is termed vitreous detachment, and it happens when the interior of the eyes gently detaches from the retina. If this suddenly happens and their numbers are abnormally big, then go to the doctor immediately as this is vision-threatening.

Healthy practices and lifestyle early on will prevent the problems mentioned above. Young people have the advantage of moving away from habits that are detrimental to the health of the eyes. For older people, prevention and cure is of primary importance. The body could not repair itself as easily as before, so regular professional assistance will be obligatory.

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