Eye Examination – How it Works

A simple eye exam or check-up can help a great deal in discovering eye and vision problems. As we grow older, our eyes can experience a number of changes as well. Going to the doctor to get your eyes checked is a great step in taking care of your eye function and maintaining good eyesight. There’s no need to worry at all, as eye exams are mostly quick and painless.

It is important to visit the doctor regularly to check for any damages or conditions that could affect your eyesight. Adults who are 40 years old or older are advised to get eye exams every two to four years to monitor and easily prevent problems that can arise, especially if they have pre-existing conditions like Diabetes that can often lead to Glaucoma and vision loss.

What to Expect in the Doctor’s Office

As with all types of medical check-ups, expect the physician or nurse to ask you about your medical and vision history. Feel free to express any problems concerning your eyes. Standard eye exams may take about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the current status and health of your eyes. The exams may vary but expect your doctor to test your eye movements, how well your eyes work together (cover test), pupillary reactions, and visual acuity, among others. You may also have to undergo retinoscopy and refraction tests to determine the prescription lens most suited for you.

Most eye exams involve external physical inspection or the use of machines like microscopes and opthalmoscopes. They are usually painless and non-invasive, so you shouldn’t have any doubts regarding taking an eye exam as you don’t have to undergo anything that will cause harm or stress to your body. Expect the use of various lights, eye charts and other materials that will test the reaction of your eyes to various stimuli. The doctor will also closely inspect your eyes to check for symptoms like redness, dryness, styes, and others.

An eye doctor will usually take a look at the inner parts of your eyes to check for damages. There’s only so much to see at first glance, so it is also important to take the time to check internal parts to easily spot and immediately remedy underlying problems like cataract, color blindness, and complications caused by diabetes. Taking an eye exam is an important process that can prevent other medical conditions that could affect life and physical function in general.

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