Erectile Dysfunction: Avoiding the Male Waterloo

Men typically equate their erectile function with their fertility, virility, and masculinity, even their worth in the world! So when the ugly head of erectile dysfunction rears itself, men become understandably concerned.

Fortunately, modern science has discovered that erectile dysfunction isn’t as hopeless as it seemed to be and men aren’t as helpless against it as they believe. Here are ways that you, a red-blooded male, can prevent premature erectile dysfunction – and you have Viagra, if your worst fears still happen.  

Watch Your Weight

The extra pounds around your stomach will not only prevent you from seeing yourself down there but it will also adversely affect your performance down there. Plus, studies have shown that obese men are more likely to get diabetes and cardiovascular issues, which can result in erection issues. So, lose weight and gain back your confidence in more ways than one.

You can manage your weight with a combination of a healthy diet, moderate exercise program, and healthy lifestyle habits.  

Go Mediterranean

Perhaps there’s a reason Italian men are known for their romantic prowess. Their diet focuses on fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, and whole grains, which are known to promote a healthy heart. Since a healthy heart also means better blood circulation, your erection issues can be a thing of the past, especially when coupled with the other tips here.  

Manage Underlying Conditions

Erectile dysfunction can be considered a symptom of an underlying condition.  If you have one, such as diabetes or hypertension, then you have to manage it well so as to get your flag up again, so to speak.  This is because high blood sugar and high blood pressure damages the blood vessels and nerves in the penis.

Quit Smoking Already

Aside from the increased risks of chronic degenerative diseases, smoking also increases the risk for erectile dysfunction. Again, the cause lies in the damage that cigarette smoke has on the blood vessels and nerves – and your erection issues partly lies in the insufficient flow of blood to your penis.  Besides, many of the medications used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction will not work as well as expected when you smoke.  

This is also true for quitting illicit drugs, such as uppers and downers. These substances damage the blood vessels and slow down the central nervous system.  

Even when you’re on erectile dysfunction medication, your doctor will still recommend these healthy lifestyle habits for your medication to work well. Plus, you will gain so much confidence from looking and feeling good that it will translate to your sexual performance.

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