Contacts And Allergies Don’t Mix Well

Did you know that more than 22 million Americans suffer from the symptoms of seasonal allergies? But it’s not just runny noses, watery eyes, and sneezing fits that many suffer from during the season.

Allergens Get In Your Eyes

If you wear contact lenses, you can also experience other symptoms! These can include pain, irritation and inflammation in your eyes, which are caused by allergens like pollen. Your symptoms may also be worse when you’re wearing the soft type of contacts.  

Why don’t contacts and allergens mix well? First, allergens are especially attracted to soft lenses. Second, the soft lenses are like large sponges – while these keep allergens in your eyes, these also prevent the effective applications of eye medications.

Effective Steps to Reduce Allergen Effects

Fortunately, you can reduce the risks of suffering from allergen-related eye issues by adopting these steps. You should also consult with your eye doctor at Pearle Vision for more information, especially about changing your contacts or using eye medications.  

  • Switch to eyeglasses

You can ask your eye doctor about switching to eyeglasses, even just during the allergy season. You don’t have to worry about being unfashionable as you can find trendy frames that will fit your face shape and personal style. Your problems with allergens sticking to your contacts will be over, too.  

  • Keep your eyes wet

Your doctor can recommend eye products known as artificial tears (i.e., special eye drops). With its proper and regular application, your eyes will feel better since the allergens are washed out. You should avoid using over-the-counter redness relievers since these aren’t effective.  

  • Keep your contacts clean.

Your contacts will benefit from regular and proper cleaning, too. You should use a preservative-free cleaning solution for this purpose. You may also switch to disposable lenses so that you don’t have to worry about allergens sticking too long.  

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.

You can’t be blamed if and when you rub your eyes to remove the gritty feeling in them. You may even excessively rub your itchy eyes! But just resist the temptation lest you end up with serious complications.  

You can get relief by placing a warm compress over your eyes. You can keep the itching and swelling sensation in check with a little tender, loving care.  

And be sure to get professional help! You shouldn’t suffer in silence, so to speak, since help is available, even in mall chains. Your eyes deserve the tender, loving care especially because of their fragile nature and crucial functions in life.  

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