Combivent Respimat Prices

Combivent Respimat spray is effective in treating breathing problems. It is a combination of beta-adrenergic (sympathomimetic) and anticholinergic bronchodilator. Its generic name is albuterol/ipratropium.

Here’s a list of Combivent Respimat prices:

Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

4g of 20mcg/120mcg (1 inhaler)$353.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (2 inhalers)$705.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (3 inhalers)$1,068.00


4g of 20mcg/120mcg (1 inhaler)$318.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (2 inhalers)$636.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (3 inhalers)$949.00


4g of 20mcg/120mcg (1 inhaler)$333.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (2 inhalers)$665.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (3 inhalers)$998.00


4g of 20mcg/120mcg (1 inhaler)$345.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (2 inhalers)$660.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (3 inhalers)$990.00

Rite Aid

4g of 20mcg/120mcg (1 inhaler)$348.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (2 inhalers)$696.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (3 inhalers)$1,044.00


4g of 20mcg/120mcg (1 inhaler)$300.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (2 inhalers)$600.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (3 inhalers)$900.00


4g of 20mcg/120mcg (1 inhaler)$324.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (2 inhalers)$642.00
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (3 inhalers)$969.00


4g of 20mcg/120mcg (1 inhaler)$282.97
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (2 inhalers)$563.94
4g of 20mcg/120mcg (3 inhalers)$844.91


It was 1956 when Rimer Laboratories, Inc. (now known as the 3 M Drug Delivery Systems) came up with the first pressurized metered dose inhaler (MDI). This started the modern pharmaceutical aerosol industry. In the same year, such industry experienced a dramatic growth.

Medical Uses

Combivent Respimat treats patients who are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) but needs more than one bronchodilator. The drug relaxes and widens the airways in the lungs, making it easier for patients to breathe.

The normal dose of Combivent Respimat is one inhalation four times per day. At times, patients may need additional inhalations. But take note that the total inhalations should not be more that six times a day.

This drug is effective in providing for breathing problems, although patients should always be careful when taking it.


It is important to take note that there are certain medical conditions that interact with Combivent Respimat spray or other similar medicines.

To ensure safety, talk to your doctor or pharmacist if the following situations and conditions apply to you: allergies to certain foods, medicines, or other substances; pregnant or breast-feeding; taking prescription or non-prescription medicines, dietary supplements, or herbal preparations; history of heart problems, high blood pressure, blood vessel problems, or low blood potassium levels; history of lung and breathing problems; and a lot more.

Also, do not use the drug if you are allergic to it or to other similar medicines. Side effects like difficulty breathing, dizziness, coughing, etc. may also occur.