Clarkson Eyecare Eye Exam Cost

If you have got some eye problems and would like to have them checked, one of the places you can go to is Clarkson Eyecare. Apparently, it is an eye-care provider that can help you solve and prevent problems related to your eyes.

Here’s a list of Clarkson Eyecare exam prices:


Without Insurance

Prices may vary by location

Routine Eye Exam$75.00 and up
Routine + Contact Lens Fitting$125.00-145.00
Visual Field Screening$15.00
Retinol Photo $29.00

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Clarkson Eyecare has been around since 1979. For decades now, it has been serving people St. Louis and nearby cities. Their aim is to provide exceptional eye-care experience to every patient.

At present, Clarkson Eyecare is among the popular and reputable eye-care providers that numerous patients go to. It is a well-established company that has gained a lot of people’s trust. The company’s expertise in eye-care and ophthalmology alongside long-term experience has brought it to its current status.


Generally speaking and as earlier mentioned, Clarkson Eyecare provides some measures on how to deal with eye problems. It provides eye exams that can help patients determine what exactly is happening to their eyes and how they should address their situations.

Clarkson Eyecare is complete with staff and specialists that perform specific tasks to ensure each patient gets what he or she needs.


Each person needs to have his or her body checked on a regular basis. And apparently, that should include the eyes. Don’t wait until you start feeling some adverse happenings before consulting a doctor.

And in the event that some unfavorable occurrences took place, don’t hesitate to consult an eye specialist. Undergo the necessary tests and make sure to follow the directions given to you.

Failing to have your eyes checked and failing to take the necessary medications may lead to serious conditions.