Choosing the Right Glasses to Match Your Face Shape and Skin Tone

With so many glass designs available in optical shops, sometimes it is hard to determine which one to get. They all look good on their own, and then there are the models on the posters and ads, who are all terrific in glasses. But when you try out the frames, somehow they don’t appear as nice as you initially thought.

Below are tricks to choosing the right frame. These are based on the shape of your face and the color of the skin. With this knowledge, it will be easy to choose the glasses after your Pearle Vision eye exam.


Square – The person has a broad forehead and a strong jawline. The lines are angular from cheekbones to jaws, meaning, their length and width have similar proportions. These are very strong features, so what’s needed is to make them softer, as well as avoid making the face seem boxier. The proportion can be balanced by getting glasses that are wider than the face’s widest part, while the angles can be softened by going for a low-profile pair of eyeglasses. And to move the eyes away from the jaws, get glasses that are distinct at the top.

Oblong – An oblong face is long and a bit narrow, and the cheeks and the nose are lengthy. To balance the shape, it needs to appear shorter and wider. Note that the incorrect frames can elongate the face further. The frame should then have more depth and less width. Glasses with geometric edges and rounder frames should work well with this because they have less width than depth. The nose can also look shorter if the glass bridge is low.

Oval – A person with this face shape has balanced features. The forehead is a bit wider than the jawline, and the cheekbones sit above the middle of the face. It’s easy to get frames if you have this shape, since most designs will look good. The best ones however are those with upswept corners, because they are in contrast with the outline of your face. You may also want to avoid the rounded glasses.

Heart – Because the chin and jawline are narrower than the forehead, this shape can look like an inverted triangle. The right glasses can make the face appear wider on the bottom. Minimize the face’s top part by getting frames that have narrower top than bottom. Rounder glasses should be a good match for this type.

There are more face shapes out there, but the examples above are the general types. What’s important to remember is that the frame shape must be in contrast with your facial form, while the size of the glasses must be in scale with the size of your face. The width of the lens, which is measured in millimeters, should complement your face type. For a narrow face, the range should be between 42mm to 45mm (each lens); medium will need 46mm to 48mm; and wide will need 49mm to 53 mm. Notice that small glasses are awkward in big faces.


The trick for choosing the right color is knowing if it could enhance your own features. The color of the skin is the most important consideration in this aspect, but you should also see if the glasses will match your eyes and hair. These are the basic questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Do I have warm or cool coloring? (Skin tones are categorized between warm and cool.)
  • What is my color base? (The eyewear color needs to complement your personal coloring.)

After you have concluded if you’re ‘cool’ or ‘warm’, then the right frame shade should be easy to determine. The ones that look good with warm skin are: blond tortoise, warm blue, fire-engine red, off-white, coral, orange, peach, copper, gold, khaki, and camel. On the other hand, the hues that go well with cool skin are blue tortoise, jade, pink, magenta, plum, blue-gray, rose-brown, silver, and black.

If you’re into fashion, then you must usually check out the most popular colors of the new year, which are announced as early as November or December of the previous year. These could dominate not just the fashion magazines, but even clothing stores and optical shops. Eyewear retailers and designers come up with designs based on what’s going to be ‘in’ during the year.

If you’ve already found your style, then you’re lucky. A lot of people choose glasses that go with everything, and that’s fine; but if you want to make a personal statement, you may want to opt for something adventurous. Glasses are pretty cool accessories, if they are chosen correctly. And since you’ll probably be seeing them every time you face the mirror, choose something that will make you feel happy.

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