Change Your Beliefs About Erectile Dysfunction

In the last 20 years, we have seen tremendous improvement in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, especially after the introduction of Viagra and Cialis. Such development continues to be a welcome one because among the most common complaints from men, sexual health-wise, is their difficulty in “getting and keeping it hard”.

But erectile dysfunction (ED) isn’t just about the physical causes. Keep in mind that it’s as much a psychological as it’s a physical condition. In some cases, attaining and maintaining an erection as well as giving and receiving sexual pleasure can be addressed by changing certain beliefs about these matters.

Here are things that you may want to consider so that your condition doesn’t worsen due to your mistaken notions.

Performance Anxiety Affects Your Pleasure

Men in general believe that a firm erection equates to a good sexual performance on their part and a pleasurable experience for their partners. Such misconception can be traced back to the traditional male values about sex and sexuality, many of which have been around for generations.

With the inability to attain and maintain an erection comes the feelings of shame, frustration and even depression. Men, after all, believe that “real men” are able to satisfy their partners in bed that, in turn, are closely tied to their feelings of value and worth.  

The result: Performance anxiety that starts a vicious cycle. Your anxiety about actually getting an erection feeds on your recurring difficulty to achieve one. Your inability to achieve an erection then feeds on your performance anxiety; questions like “Will I have an erection? Will I be able to orgasm? Will I be able to give her an orgasm?” get in the way of your ability to do so.  

How can you break the cycle? A few tips that can help in overcoming your performance anxiety:

  • Acknowledge that you have an issue about performance anxiety.
  • Reassure yourself that being hard as nails, so to speak, isn’t a must for becoming intimate
  • Avoid underestimating your erectile response

You have to recognize that occasional sexual difficulties are acceptable and normal. As such, so are you!  

Partner Has the Right to Know

In a society where men are supposed to keep it together, especially in the realm of emotions, many men with ED choose to keep quiet about it to their partners. But it can also be a vicious cycle – you won’t tell your partner about your condition so you feel more isolated, even misunderstood. Keeping silent about an intimate matter with your intimate partner definitely isn’t the way to go.  

The bottom line: Tell your partner and you will be surprised at how well you can find viable solutions.  

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