Caring for Your Contacts: Tips and Other Factoids

There are two popular options if you want to correct your vision at a relatively lower price – wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. Each has its own list of advantages and disadvantages. However, what’s more important to know is that after you choose, you have the responsibility to properly take care of the eye care item you’ve decided to buy.

Let’s say, after getting examined at Walmart, you’re getting yourself contact lenses. You’ve liked how these don’t get in the way when you do outdoor activities, or how these can make you look cool with all the color choices. Now, the question that you need to answer is: how do you properly care for your contacts?

First things first – choose the right contacts

Make sure that the contact lenses you will choose will fit your lifestyle and personality. If cleaning is not your forte, you can resort to disposable lenses. But if you want to tighten your purse, there are contacts that can last for up to months. You just have to maintain and take care of it.

A precaution: Why is caring for contacts vital?

Surprisingly, a large portion of people who use contacts don’t obey instructions on how to take care of them. This ignorance of basic contacts care guidelines can lead to damages, like eye infection and even vision loss. So, if you are a contact lens wearer, make sure that you clean and use your contacts as instructed. After all, it’s always better to take precautionary measures than wallow in remorse after encountering unpleasant consequences.

Easy tips on how to take care of your contacts

  • Wear as directed
  • Replace them during appropriate times (at least every three months, depending on the type of contacts you’re wearing)
  • Always wash your hands before applying or removing contacts to/from your eyes
  • Use a recommended solution to clean your contacts. Do so by rubbing the lens in the palm of your hands. Rinse properly afterwards.
  • Store your contacts using fresh solution. Take note that used solutions are not effective contact lens disinfectants.

How long does contact lens prescriptions last?

Usually, contact lens prescriptions last for about a year. It is best to consult your trusted eye doctor to see what is the recommended prescription for you. Your optometrist will not only give you some advice, he/she could also check for any infections or other possible factors that hinder your vision from being corrected.

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