Brilinta Prices

If you know anyone who has suffered a heart attack at least one year ago, then you might want to tell him or her to take a look at Brilinta. It is a prescription medicine used with aspirin that can lessen the chance of having more problems with heart or blood vessels such as stroke, blood clots, or another heart attack. Its generic name is Ticagrelor.

You should take this drug as prescribed by your doctor, which is usually twice per day. Take it with 81-mg aspirin to help prevent platelets from sticking together.

Here’s a list of Brilinta prices:

Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

90mg (30 tablets)$132.30
90mg (60 tablets)$294.00
90mg (90 tablets)$441.00


90mg (30 tablets)$132.80
90mg (60 tablets)$286.00
90mg (90 tablets)$429.00


90mg (30 tablets)$133.79
90mg (60 tablets)$259.60
90mg (90 tablets)$370.66


90mg (30 tablets)$133.79
90mg (60 tablets)$271.33
90mg (90 tablets)$403.91

Rite Aid

90mg (30 tablets)$139.99
90mg (60 tablets)$318.00
90mg (90 tablets)$477.00


90mg (30 tablets)$133.89
90mg (60 tablets)$270.00
90mg (90 tablets)$406.00


90mg (30 tablets)$135.02
90mg (60 tablets)$297.00
90mg (90 tablets)$445.00


90mg (30 tablets)$130.31
90mg (60 tablets)$258.61
90mg (90 tablets)$386.91

A Bit of History

On November 19, 2009, AstraZeneca submitted US Nee Drug Application for Brilinta. From there, review, recommendation, and other parts of the approval process took place. It was July 20, 2011 when FDA first approved Brilinta.


Take note that you should strictly follow the doctor’s prescription when taking this drug. For instance, do not take more than 100 mg of aspirin each day because it can affect how Brilinta works. Also, inform your doctor if you are taking other aspirin-containing medicines. It is important not to take other drugs containing aspirin.

Lastly, you should not stop taking Brilinta without informing the doctor who prescribed it to you.

Possible Side Effects

When taking Brilinta, it is important to watch out for some side effects. It may cause serious bleeding that may require surgery or blood transfusions, and may lead to death.

Here are some symptoms of bleeding that may be found while taking this drug: bloody vomit; red or black stool; red, pink, or brown urine; or coughing up blood.


Brilinta indeed helps prevent further health problems. Make sure to take it properly to avoid harmful and dangerous effects.