Botox Prices

Who doesn’t know what Botox is? Most of us, if not all, know that it has the capacity to tighten skin; thus, eliminating wrinkles and leading to a younger look. While men can likewise reap the benefits of Botox, it is the women who are expressing more interest in trying it; given the fact that injecting Botox is mainly associated with beauty purposes.

But what some may not know is that Botox is more than just adding beauty. Did you know that can also improve one’s health? It can help in post-stroke recovery, eye treatment, bladder control, relieving muscle aches, and more.

Here’s a list of Botox prices:

Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

100 units (1 vial)$564.06
100 units (2 vials)$1,121.88
200 units (1 vial)$1,239.00


100 units (1 vial)$564.56
100 units (2 vials)$1,147.12
200 units (1 vial)$1,134.73


100 units (1 vial)$565.31
100 units (2 vials)$1,147.12
200 units (1 vial)$1,123.13


100 units (1 vial)$564.56
100 units (2 vials)$1,147.12
200 units (1 vial)$1,147.12

Rite Aid

100 units (1 vial)$576.94
100 units (2 vials)$1,147.88
200 units (1 vial)$1,147.88


100 units (1 vial)$599.00
100 units (2 vials)$1,128.13
200 units (1 vial)$1,147.12


100 units (1 vial)$645.00
100 units (2 vials)$1,143.87
200 units (1 vial)$1,263.00


100 units (1 vial)$559.51
100 units (2 vials)$1,114.01
200 units (1 vial)$1,114.01

The Bad Start

First off, Botox is a powerful toxin. As for its history, it started with a bad sausage in 1820. Several people died from eating sausages with the toxin botulinum. Among the recorded effects of poisoning were muscle weakness, paralysis, droopy eyelids, stretched, skin, and diminished wrinkles.

In World War II, the U.S. saw this toxin as a deadly weapon, which led to the plan to have Chinese prostitutes drop botulinum capsules in the drinks of Japanese officers.

The Good Use

In the 1950s, further research has led to the discovery of botulinum’s better uses. There gradually entered the numerous health benefits. It was in 2002 that FDA approved the use of Botox for cosmetic purposes.


Botox has been a subject of long and intensive research. Experts have found and tested numerous facts; from the harmful effects to beneficial ones. At present, it is deemed a relevant drug that enhances both health and beauty.