Beauty Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

While many people wear contact lenses for beauty purposes – to change the colors of their eyes or to be in Halloween mode, for example – your optometrist at Sam’s Club recommended it for better eyesight, such as in the case of farsightedness or near-sightedness. You can, nonetheless, adopt precautionary measures to maintain the integrity of your contact lenses while also enjoying your beauty routine. Your contact lenses, after all, are part of your facial makeup now so you may as well as maximize them for your own benefit.  

Read the Ingredients List

Many ingredients in beauty products, including makeup and skincare items, can cause mild to severe discomfort, perhaps even injuries and illnesses, in and around your eyes. You have to beware of products containing formaldehyde, lanolin and alcohol, among other ingredients that you can cause itching, redness, and swelling when applied to your skin. You may want to apply the product – choose products with samplers – on your wrist first and see what happens

Better yet, you should look at the product labels. Your best choices are products with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and skin-friendly tags on them or ask your dermatologist and optometrist for recommendations.

Put in Your Contacts First

Many women will put on their moisturizer and makeup first before putting on their lenses. The order should be reversed since contact lenses are sensitive to environmental residues, such as from body lotions, facial moisturizers, and makeup especially eye shadows. If you apply all of these beauty products before putting on your contact lenses, you are likely transferring the dirt, residue and germs from these items to your contact lens.  

Before removing your makeup, you should remove your contact lenses first for the same reasons – to avoid contaminating your contact lenses. Just be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before removing your contact lenses for added safety measure. Otherwise, you may be transferring more bacteria from your hands to your contacts, which can have adverse effects on your eye health if and when it happens.  

Avoid Using Powder Eye Makeup and Clump-prone Mascara

Keep in mind that even the smallest particles of powder can irritate the eyes including contact lenses, which is also true for clump-prone mascaras. You can switch to eyeliners and eye shadows in cream formulation for reduced risks of the particles becoming eye irritants.

Of course, you should take proper care of your contact lenses. Your optometrist should be able to provide the proper instructions in this matter and it’s your responsibility to follow through with them.  

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