Astepro Prices

Astepro is a brand name for azelastine, a second-generation histamine antagonist used as the first defense against rhinitis. Doctors usually recommend it for mild intermittent to moderate and severe intermittent rhinitis, as well as for mild persistent rhinitis.

Here’s a list of Astepro prices:

Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

30ml of 205.5mcg/spray

1 nasal spray$160.00
2 nasal sprays$322.00
3 nasal sprays$462.00


30ml of 205.5mcg/spray

1 nasal spray$132.69
2 nasal sprays$259.52
3 nasal sprays$386.23


30ml of 205.5mcg/spray

1 nasal spray$153.00
2 nasal sprays$306.00
3 nasal sprays$458.00


30ml of 205.5mcg/spray

1 nasal spray$166.00
2 nasal sprays$333.00
3 nasal sprays$499.00

Rite Aid

30ml of 205.5mcg/spray

1 nasal spray$175.00
2 nasal sprays$350.00
3 nasal sprays$525.00


30ml of 205.5mcg/spray

1 nasal spray$169.00
2 nasal sprays$339.00
3 nasal sprays$508.00


30ml of 205.5mcg/spray

1 nasal spray$150.00
2 nasal sprays$316.00
3 nasal sprays$459.00


30ml of 205.5mcg/spray

1 nasal spray$129.69
2 nasal sprays$256.99
3 nasal sprays$384.48

Medical Uses

Astepro is a nasal spray indicated for the treatment of certain types of rhinitis including:

  • Perennial allergic rhinitis with symptoms like sneezing, rhinorrhea, and nasal pruritus in both adults and children 5 years old and up
  • Seasonal allergic rhinitis
  • Vasomotor rhinitis in children 12 years old and up and in adults

As a histamine antagonist, Astepro works in three ways to relieve the symptoms of rhinitis, namely: as an anti-histamine; as an anti-inflammatory substance; and for its mast-cell stabilization effect.

Side Effects

Both children and adults can tolerate the use and effects of Astepro, thus, it is considered as among the safest and most effective anti-histamine for allergic rhinitis. But there are also a few side effects that users should take note.

The most commonly reported side effects are headache, nasal burning, bitter taste, and somnolence (i.e., sleepiness) after inhaling the medication. The issue regarding bitter taste can be resolved by slightly tipping your head forward and avoiding deep inhalation. Plus, you should avoid using Astepro alongside central nervous depressants like alcohol for safety reasons.

When using Astepro, be careful about following the frequency of use and dosage amounts for safety reasons. Your doctor will adjust the dosage depending on the frequency, duration and intensity of your symptoms, as well as on your age and tolerance levels.