4 Tricks that Will Help You Maintain the Positive Results You Got from a Body Contouring Treatment

When people decide to undergo a body sculpting procedure, they often stop planning when they’ve already decided on the kind of treatment they want and the schedule they’ll book an appointment for. However, the success of these procedures don’t just rely on the actual session. What you do after will further ensure that you’ll enjoy its positive results for a long time.

And you should really want to prolong the results of the procedures you’ll get. These treatments typically cost thousands of dollars per session and most folks usually need multiple to get their desired results. So if you don’t take the right steps to maintain the positive results, you might just find yourself back to zero just a few months after finishing your procedure. 

So what should you do? Here are a few tricks that experts strongly recommend you observe after your body sculpting treatment:

Do not drop your healthy habits.

Not because you’ve already achieved your goal weight or body shape does it mean that you can already slack off in your fitness habits. You, of all people, will know how hard it is to reach the point where you are right now, so do not take it for granted. It’s not easy to whip yourself into shape but you’ve done it so it means that you can definitely keep it up.

Make sure to continue with your regular exercise and maintain the caloric deficit you were making before you reached your desired weight and body shape. These will help you maintain your figure.

Getting ample sleep is also necessary if you want to stay in top shape. This often neglected healthy habit should be incorporated in your routine as it will help your body recuperate and recover from the exercises you’ve done during the day. With quality sleep, your body will be able to repair your strained muscles, leaving them stronger and in better shape than before.

Follow the post-care regimen prescribed by your clinic.

No matter what kind of procedure you may have gone through, there will still be a post-care regimen that your clinic will prescribe to you. Some are more stringent than others so you have to be fully aware of what you should do after the session.

Take Sonobello, for example. Since this is a liposuction procedure, the aftercare would be more extensive than other treatments like CoolSculpting. The latter doesn’t really have a downtime as most patients can already go back to their normal day-to-day activities right after the procedure. Some mild soreness and redness may occur but they’re nothing alarming or serious.

No matter what the case is, however, make sure to follow your doctor’s advice about the post-care measures that you should observe.

Tailor-fit your workouts.

In addition to continuing your regular physical activities to stay in top shape, you’ll also benefit from further customizing your workouts to better cater to your body’s needs. For example, you just had a Kybella treatment to deal with submental fat. It would be ideal to incorporate exercises that will better tone and sculpt the muscles in the neck and chin area to maintain the effects of the treatment.

Consider trying other treatments.

Some experts also recommend doing another body sculpting treatment after you get great results from your first one. This can work safely if you’ve already completed and recovered from your previous treatment. Some procedures are safe to use together, especially if you’re going to target a different body area this time around. 

The key here is to allot enough space in between treatments. Do not rush into the next one because it’s very important that you’re already healed from a previous procedure before you can safely try out a new one.

You should also check with your doctor about the safety of doing the other procedure after you’ve already gone through a different one previously. It’s always best to err on the side of caution, so be very thorough before booking a new appointment.


It doesn’t matter what kind of treatment you underwent. It’s always important to follow through with certain techniques so you can continue to reap its benefits fully. With the amount of money you’ll invest in these treatments, it’s just right that you enjoy its results for as long as you possibly can.

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